RASCAL - RAster SCanning Airborne Lidar

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Developed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's (GSFC)
Labratory for Terrestrial Physics (LTP)
in association with the
Laser Remote Sensing Branch (LRSB - Code 924).

Last Revised: 02/13/98
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Project Topics

  • Instrument Description
  • Aircraft Utilized
  • Missions Flown to Date
  • Data Products Available
  • Miscellaneous Image Gallery
  • Data Image Gallery
  • See the BPI Dish we Measured in Owens Valley

    Click HERE to download a PostScript version of the IGARSS96 paper presented on RASCAL by David Rabine, Jack Bufton and Charlie Vaughn.

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    Personnel to Contact about this project

    Dr. Jack Bufton, Associate Chief for Sensor Physics, Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics
    David Rabine, Aerospace Engineer - Code 924 NASA GSFC
    Bryan Blair, Engineering and Design - Code 924 NASA GSFC
    Dr. Barry Coyle, Laser Design - Code 924 NASA GSFC