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The purpose of this web page is to post new events, new papers, reports, images, datasets, and software of interest to geomagnetic community.



NewMEEM Workshop

New Geomagnetism from Stratospheric Platforms

New A Workshop on Future Development of Paleo/Rock/Historical Magnetic Community Databases

New Virtual Session: New Magnetic Field Satellites

New 7th Zonenshain International Conference on Plate Tectonics

New Summer GEOMAG Students. Geological Trip to Great Falls.

Papers and Reports

New A Magnetic Petrology Database for Satellite Magnetic Anomaly Interpretations. Katherine Nazarova et al., AGU Poster Session, May 30,2002

New The Southern Edge of Cratonic North America:Evidence from New Satellite Magnetometer Observations. Michael Purucker et al., Geophysical Res. Letters, October 5, 2001.

New 2001 AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts.

New May 10 2001 Estimating the Crustal Power Spectrum from Vector Magsat Data, Journal of Geophysical Research, v 106 NoB5, pp 8589-8598, David A.J.Lowe, Robert L.Parker, Michael E. Purucker, Catherine G. Constable.

New March 2001 "Interpretation of a Magnetic Map of the Valles Marineris region, Mars" M.E. Purucker,B.Langlais, and M.Mandea, 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science ConfeRENCe, Houston, Texas.

New April 2000  "A Comprehensive Model of the Near-Earth Magnetic Field: Phase3" Terence J.Sabaka, Nils Olsen  and Robert A.Langel, NASA/TM-2000-209894

New2000 Mineralogy of the Sources for Magnetic Anomalies on Mars. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 35(5), 895-899,Gunther Kletetschka, Peter J. Wasilewski and Patrick T. Taylor.

New2000 Unique Thermoremanent Magnetization of Multidomain Sized Hematite: Implications for Magnetic Anomalies. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 176(3-4), 469-479. Gunther Kletetschka, Peter Wasilewski, Patrick T. Taylor.

New2000 "Magnetic Study of Serpentinized Harzburgites from the Islas Orcadas Fracture Zone" Marine Geophysical Research, vol 21, 5, 475-488, Katherine A.Nazarova, Peter J. Wasilewski, Henry J.B.Dick.

New2000 Oersted and Magsat : A Comparison  Over the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Patrick T. Taylor, Ralph R.B. von Freese and Hyung Rae Kim

New October 1999  The Geomagnetic Field and Radiation in Near-Earth Orbits J.R. Heirtzler, NASA/TM-1999-209481.

New1999 Inner Core Rotation from Geomagnetic Westward Drift and a Stationary Spherical Vortex in Earth's Core Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 112, 111-123, Coerte V. Voorhies

New 1998 "The Difficult Road to Mars. A Brief History of Mars Exploration in the Soviet Union." Translated from Russian by Katherine Nazarova


New South Atlantic Anomaly.

NewMagnetic Fields Originating in the Crust of Mars and Earth at the Altitude of 400 km.


NewNew Magsat Dataset

NewMagnetic Petrology Datasets  for the Interpretation of Satellite Lithospheric Magnetic Anomalies.

Software and Freeware

NewInteractive Software (MatLab) Graphic Tools for Analysis Magnetic Data (FIXDATA)

New New Freeware Fortran programs and GMT scripts

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