Remote sensing of magnetic fields around the Earth: Agenda, Attendees, and selected presentations from the ONR meeting in Washington, 25-26 Apr 2014

Remote Atmospheric Magnetometry Workshop agenda and attendees

Workshop Overview: S. Potashnik

Overview of Optical Magnetometry and Techniques: D. Budker and B. Patton

Remote Magnetometry with Mesospheric Sodium: T. Kane, C. Denman, and P. Hillman

High Gain Backward Lasing in Atmospheric Air: Remote Atomic Oxygen and Nitrogen Lasers: A. Dogariu and R. Miles

Detecting Localized Trace Species in Air using Radar REMPI (Spin Polarization and detection of Xe 129): R. Miles and A. Dogariu

Remote sensing of magnetic fields around the Earth (EOS meeting report, 2014)

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Last updated on July 18, 2014