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2001 "Interpretation of a Magnetic Map of the Valles Marineris region, Mars" M.E. Purucker, B. Langlais, and M. Mandea, 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, Texas.

2000 "Oersted Initial Field Model" N. Olsen, R. Holme, G. Hulot, T Sabaka, T. Neubert, L. Toeffner-Clausen, F. Primdahl, J. Joergensen, J.-M. Leger, D. Barraclough, J. Bloxham, J. Cain, C. Constable, V. Golovkov, A. Jackson, P. Kotze, B. Langlais, S. Macmillan, M. Mandea, J. Merayo, L. Newitt, M. Purucker, T. Risbo, M. Stampe, A. Thomson and (last if not least) C. Voorhies, to appear in Geophys. Res. Lett..

2000 "Satellite Magnetic Anomalies related to  Seafloor Spreading in the South Atlantic Ocean" Michael  E. Purucker, Jerome Dyment

2000 "Magnetic Properties of Aggregate Polycrystalline diamond: Implications for Carbonado History" Gunther
Kletetschka, Patrick T. Taylor, Peter J. Wasilewski, Hugh G.M. Hill,  Earth and Planetry Sciences Letters 181(2000),

2000 " Mineralogy of the Sources for Magnetic Anomalies on Mars" Gunther Kletetschka, Patrick T. Taylor, Peter J. Wasilewski,  Meteorites and Planetary Science, 35, 895-899.

2000 "Determining the Ages of Comets from the Fraction of Crystalline Dust"  Joseph A. Nuth III, Hugh G.M.Hill, and Gunther Kletetshka, Nature, vol 406, 275-276

2000 "Hematite vs. Magnetite as the Signature for Planetary Magnetic Anomalies?" Gunther Kletetschka, Peter J. Wasilewski, Patrick T.Taylor, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 119, 259-267.

2000 "Unique Thermoremanent Magnetization of Multidomain Sized Hematite: Implications for Magnetic Anomalies"
Gunther Kletetschka, Peter J. Wasilewski, Patrick T.Taylor, Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, 176, 469-479.

2000 "Magnetic Study of Serpentinized Harzburgites from the Islas Orcadas Fracture Zone" Katherine A.Nazarova, Peter J. Wasilewski, Henry J.B.Dick" Marine Geophysical Research, vol 21, 5, 475-488.

2000 "An Altitude-Normalized Magnetic Map of Mars and its Interpretation" M. Purucker, D.Ravat, H.Frey, C.Voorhies, T.Sabaka, M,Acuna, Geophysical Research Letters.

May 2000 "Exploration Geophysics on Mars: Lessons from Magnetics" M.Purucker, D.Clark, The Leading Edge,      484-487.

April 2000  "A Comprehensive Model of the Near-Earth Magnetic Field: Phase3"  Terence J.Sabaka, Nils Olsen
and Robert A.Langel, NASA/TM-2000-209894.

1994 Serpentinized Peridotites as a Possible Source for Oceanic Magnetic Anomalies" Katherine A. Nazarova Marine Geophysical Researches,vol 16,455-462

Abstracts of Recent Papers

2000 "The Future of South Atlantic Anomaly and Implications for Radiation Damage in Space" Jour. Atmos. and Solar Terr.Phys., Heirtzler J.R., accepted.

2000 "The Main Geomagnetic Field in the Indian Ocean and its Secular Change from Shipboard Measurements" (extended abstract) Australian Geological Survey Organization Record, Heirtzler J.R, accepted.

2000 "An Altitude-Normalized Magnetic Map of Mars and its Interpretation," M. Purucker, D. Ravat, H. Frey, C. Voorhies, T. Sabaka, and M. Acuna, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 2249-2542.

1999 "Inner Core Rotation from Geomagnetic Westward Drift and a Stationary Spherical Vortex in Earth's Core," C.V. Voorhies, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 112, 111-123.  RTOP 622-72-03.

1998 "Elementary Theoretical Forms for the Spatial Power Spectrum of Earth's Crustal Magnetic Field" C.Voorhies

 1996 "Accurate Prediction of Mean Geomagnetic Dipole Excursion and Reversal Frequencies, Mean Paleomagnetic Field Intensity, ant the Radius of Earth's Core  using McLeod's Rule" Coerte V. Voorhies and Joy Conrad. NASA Technical Memorandum 104634.

1995 "Time-Varying Fluid Flow at the Top of Earth's Core Derived from Definitive Geomagnetic Reference Field Models"Coerte V. Voorhies J.Geophys.Res., v.100,NoB7, 10,029-10,039.

1994  "Simultaneous Solution for Core Magnetic Field and Fluid Flow Beneath an Electrically Conducting Mantle," C.V. Voorhies and M. Nishihama, J. Geophys. Res., 99, 6685-6693.

1994 Contributions of Cretaceous Quiet Zone Natural Remanent Magnetization to Magsat Anomalies in the Southwest Indian Ocean Lawrence G. Fullerton, Herbert V. Frey, James H. Roark, and Herman H. Thomas, J. Geophys. Res., 99, NoB6 11,923-11,936.

1982 Magsat Scalar Anomaly Distribution: The Global Perspective, Herbert Frey, Geophysical Research Letters v9, No4, pp 277-280.

1982 Magsat Scalar anomalies and Major Tectonic Boundaries in Asia, Herbert Frey, J. Geophys. Res., v9, No4, pp 299-302.

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