Martian Magnetic Field Missions

Missions Completed Flying Funded, Approved or under Construction Proposed
Mars Pathfinder Mars Global Surveyor Mars Exploration Rover Mars Dynamo
- 2001 Mars Odyssey PICCARD

Name: Mars Global Surveyor

 Sponsoring Organization: NASA

 Altitude: Elliptical with 90 km periapsis followed by 380 km circular

 Magnetic instrumentation: a triaxial fluxgate in both solar panels

 Orientation: Attitude to within 1 degree

 Other instrumentation: Imaging, electron reflectometer

 Inclination: 89 degrees

 Sampling Rate: Up to 24 Hz

 Local time: 2 PM/2 AM

 Science contacts: Mario Acuna 301-286-7258 (GSFC), Bob Lin (Berkeley) or Dave Curtis (Berkeley)

News: Began orbiting Mars in Sept, 1997. MGS is now in a circular mapping orbit.

 Additional Information

Name: Mars Dynamo

Proposing Organizations: NASA, CNES

Altitude: Elliptical with 120 km periapsis

Magnetic instrumentation: triaxial fluxgate, electron reflectometer

Orientation: Attitude to within 0.1 degree

Other instrumentation: Aeronomy

Inclination: 75-85 degrees

Launch date: 2003 or 2005

Sampling Rate: Up to 24 Hz

Local time: All

Science contacts: Michael Purucker or Gauthier Hulot 

Name: PICCARD: A balloon magnetometer mission to Mars

 Proposing Organizations: NASA, CNES

 Magnetic instrumentation: Triaxial fluxgate

 Altitude: 4-8 km above the surface (on a superpressurized balloon)

 Orientation: Attitude to with 2 degrees

 Other instrumentation: CCD camera, sun sensor, pressure and temperature sensors

 Observation location: Mars' southern hemisphere near the large magnetic features in Terra Sirenum/Cimmeria

 Sampling Rate: 0.1 Hz

 Local times: All local times during daylight, one night

 Lifetime: 5 sols (Martian days) or longer

 Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 auxillary payload (ASAP)

 Launch date: 2005

 Science contact: Carol Raymond (818-354-8690)

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