Global spherical harmonic models of the internal magnetic field of the Moon based on sequential and coestimation approaches: Models, grids, and manuscript

based on a paper of the same name published in JGR-Planets by Purucker and Nicholas, 115, E12007, doi:10.1029/2010JE003650

JGR reprint, 2010.

Spherical harmonic coefficients lon,lat,br,bt,bp,|B| as ASCII on 1 degree grid |B| as GMT grid (for gridview, for example)
Sequential model download download
Coestimation model download download
Correlative model download download download

The sequential model is based on the internal field (BrI,BtI,BpI) from wake (sun=1) and tail (GSE from 160 to 200) times. It can be downloaded here.

Note: The lunar magnetic field models here have been evaluated at 30 km altitude to spherical harmonic degree 170. The full-wavelength resolution of the model is about 64 km at low and mid-latitudes.

Correlative lunar magnetic field model at 30 km altitude

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