SLICER Data Browser

(Scanning Lidar Imager of Canopies by Echo Recovery)

Data Browser and Editor (V. 2.0)

An updated SLICER data browser and editor (V. 2.0) is available.

Slicer Browser

This browser is a set of IDL procedures (*.pro) for use with .dat SLICER data files. A sample.dat file from the BOREAS Northern Study Area (Old Jack Pine flux tower) in Canada is included in the ftp directory.

Binary File -- use "save link as" to download
sample.dat 2.6 Mb

The browser has been updated to function properly under Windows on a PC and includes some display augmentations. See the READMEv2.TXT file in the browser directory for information on using the browser. The .TXT and .pro files are ascii files. Sample.dat is a binary file.

For SLICER users who have previously only worked with .geo files, the .dat structure is a more user friendly data structure developed for the BOREAS project. It includes an automated identification of the beginning, peak, and end of the ground return, and coverts roll, pitch, and yaw to a laser vector represented by azimuth and inclination. In addition to the BOREAS acquisitions, some additional SLICER data sets have been converted from .geo to .dat files. To date these include Duke Forest, Mahantango, and the Wind River Canopy Crane. A description of the .dat data structure and derivation of the .dat parameters is contained in documentation included in the ftp directory. The documentation is saved as a postscript file ( and a Microsoft Word Rich Text Format file (STRUCTURE.rtf)

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