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    Digital Tectonic Activity Map

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    The Digital Tectonic Activity Map (DTAM) is a new visualization tool for both researcher and educator alike to better understand tectonic activity of our planet for the past 1 million years. DTAM is a Geographical Information System (GIS) that displays a realistic synoptic view of present global tectonism by filling in the cartographic gap between conventional geological maps and plate reconstruction maps. The DTAM was created using current global datasets of seismicity, volcanism, and plate motions that were integrated with topography and bathymetry measurements derived from satellite gravity data. Macroscopic structural features were integrated via field studies from various researchers, space geodesy, and space-borne imagery (e.g. astronaut photography, Landsat). This integrative technique provides a new and unique visualization tool that presents an actual representational view of global tectonics rather than the traditional schematic illustrations (i.e. plate maps) of the past.

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